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Campfire Marketing is dedicated to the idea that advertising is the intersection of Data & Storytelling

We use a low-risk data-mining approach to understand your customer and their online behaviors. This allows us to cut through most of the time and money spent by advertisers. Our expertise is your advantage.

Campfire Marketing uses this data informed approach to craft a campaign strategy unique to your business. Connecting with other people has always and will always be about telling stories. Advertisement is no different. The best ads always tell a story.

...and the best stories are told around the campfire.

How Campfire Marketing Helps Your Business

Fully Managed
Ad Campaigns

Campfire Marketing creates high performing online advertising campaigns from concept to execution. We manage your campaign on all levels. Ad creation, content development, new customer onboarding sequencing, and custom solutions available
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Video + Content Production

We film and produce the visual story of your company and product. Although we don’t require you to use our video production, it’s highly recommended and the numbers support it. Our highest-performing campaigns are traditionally filmed and produced in house.
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Analysis + Reporting

We take the guesswork out of your data. The goal at campfire marketing is to give you fewer reports, condensing your digital activity into a monthly breakdown that's easy to digest. We hold our heads high in our video and ad production, but the key to our success is in the analytics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We absolutely take custom requests. Just schedule a 15 min call with us and let us know how we can help!

No problem, we’re able to bend to your company’s ability. If you have an in house design or creative team, awesome! Hire us to manage the entire campaign, or just a part of it.

Start ups are our favorite! We’ve worked with every type of business, from a new CrossFit Gym in a remote area to a nationally recognized brand. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone earn their first dollar online

We custom tailor our approach to your industry and use data to make the best decisions on where you can acquire the most new customers for your budget

This is dependent on your budget and cost of your product/services. In most cases we start seeing sales/leads roll in within the first two weeks of launching, but in higher priced products and services it may take longer. We commonly see our products sell the day our campaigns launch, but you should expect your advertising to really build its momentum over the first 90 days.

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We typically respond within the hour